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In the age of competing for attention to entertain and sell, our winning content combo reigns king (or queen, please don't cancel us).

"Keep my brand, in your f^*#$NG mouth!"

Why this combo?

To be honest it's not really about story nor humor- it's about psychological and chemical effects on people. These effects are manipulated through story and humor.
Before you get offended I used the word "manipulated," fall back, as you've used stories to get a point across, and you've used humor to connect with someone.

Premium business solutions

In-House Coaching-- we come to you, anywhere

The best, most complete way of learning and then implementing is in person- that's just the bottom line.Our 3 day Transhumoration (yes, we made it up to stand out, "Boot Camp" sounds like fitness, and "Mastermind" sounds like a Tony Robbins gimmick) is scheduled to fit your schedule, and we come to you, anywhere in the US.Day 1: The Audit- we find holes, where are the problems, where is the “dryness”, how to change the atmosphere at the foundation to lead to better content creationDay 2: The Creation- what do we need to film, how do we change social media/website, what can we film with phones, we produce a new brand video together along with content to use the next dayDay 3: The Implementation,- where is content going, creation captions and thumbnails, setting up phones for future success, what part of the environment has changed and how to continue the momentumStill have questions? Reach out today and schedule a Zoom discovery call. Feel free to invite your dog, or cat.

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An Online Course that actually matters

Learn the strategy and implement today

Although in-person coaching is more successful, if that's just not feasible for you and your business, you can start your journey online.
(insert sarcastic eye roll reaction to hearing about another online course).
I know, I know- there are 308479 online courses and everyone is selling their own. I can also attest to the majority being BS- they just don't offer enough to be worth their cost of entry. That's probably why many get discounted to $49 after a few months, or they're free on other sites with memberships.This is not like those courses. This is an innovative "Final Workbook" on the philosophy of humor and strategy, along with how to implement it. You'll get real case studies and why understanding humor and story is essential for long-term success, especially as the world adapts to over-saturated online presence and the AI takeover.There's no limit to which sectors can benefit- if you've gone through the pages, you'll see implementations for dentists, lawyers, luxury living, cleaning services, and non-profit charities.Finally- this includes 3 hours of one-on-one time with me so we can go fully in depth over Zoom on your plan of action.

Investment: $995

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Ready for us to come to you

Start your journey by committing to your team's journey on utilizing humor and story.
Once you make the promise, we'll reach out to schedule our time together along with how to prepare.

Begin the process with a retainer first, and your second installment once we agree on dates.

Start learning today

Not just a course...

No BS- this isn't just another course where you go through 12 sections and hope for the best.The "Final Workbook" is an instruction booklet that will help you check off and actually implement. But unlike other emailed "PDFs," it comes with 3 hours of one-on-one Zoom calls with me- either 3 1 hour segments or two 1.5 hour segments.I hold you accountable. I answer questions. I address set-backs.Me. Not some AI chatbot.If you're not able to implement these to earn an additional $25,000-$75,000 in revenue for your business, I'll add on double time to ensure we address your problems.

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